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Myrtle the Turbo Turtle Token: Incentivizing Ocean Cleanup With Each Transaction

Our marine ecosystems are under severe threat due to human-induced pollution. Marine life is adversely affected by oil spills, industrial discharge, and plastic waste littering our beaches and oceans. To address this crisis, we introduce Myrtle the Turbo Turtle token, a cryptocurrency incentivizing global participation in ocean cleanup efforts.

Understanding Myrtle the Turbo Turtle Token

Myrtle the Turbo Turtle token, built on the BNB Smartchain network, is a secure, safe, and decentralized cryptocurrency. It rewards individuals and organizations actively involved in ocean cleanup by committing to donate 1% of all transactions to these efforts.

Operating Mechanism

Earn Myrtle the Turbo Turtle tokens by partaking in cleanup activities, such as beach cleaning, coral reef restoration, ocean patrols, recycling programs, and protection of endangered marine species. You can redeem these tokens within the Myrtle the Turbo Turtle Ecosystem for various incentives, including eco-friendly products and sustainable tourism.

Platform Fee & Tokenomics Distribution

The platform applies a 5% tax fee on all transactions, divided into: 1% for Development, 1% for Team/Marketing, 1% for Ocean Cleanup Efforts, 1% to the LP (Liquidity Pool), and 1% for token burn. Initially, all marketing funds will be channeled into promotional activities. Once we achieve growth and sustainability, these funds might be allocated for team funding. A private/Dev Team sale is planned, with all tokens from this sale locked/staked for 30 days and LP locked for a year. There will also be a public presale, with a 30-day lock applied to all tokens, to ensure a fair and healthy launch. While there will also be a PINKSALE with unlocked tokens once we are live in a tiered pricing.


Myrtle the Turbo Turtle Token presents an innovative solution to the urgent problem of ocean pollution. By providing a decentralized marketplace for ocean cleanup, we incentivize both individuals and organizations to contribute towards cleaner and healthier oceans. Myrtle the Turbo Turtle champions a sustainable future for our planet. Together, we can make a difference!


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Turtles are the unsung heroes of our ecosystems! They're nature's jellyfish wranglers and beach guardians. Safeguarding them isn't just about saving an ancient species; it's about keeping our planet lively and diverse. Let's champion for these shelled wonders! 🐢💚

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Myrtle the Turbo Turtle Token: Roadmap

Phase Goals
Phase 1: Foundation and Token Launch Develop the Myrtle the Turbo Turtle Token concept, including its goals, tokenomics, and ecosystem features.
Create the token on the BNB Smartchain network, ensuring security and decentralization.
Conduct a private/Dev Team sale, with all tokens locked/staked for 30 days and LP locked for a year.
Plan and prepare for a public presale with a 30-day lock on all tokens.
Develop the website and necessary infrastructure for token transactions and ecosystem interactions.
Phase 2: Token Distribution and Listing Conduct the public presale to ensure a fair and healthy launch, with a focus on attracting early adopters and supporters.
List the Myrtle the Turbo Turtle Token on cryptocurrency exchanges for wider accessibility and trading opportunities.
Engage in targeted marketing and promotional activities to increase awareness and attract users to the ecosystem.
Establish partnerships with key organizations and influencers in the ocean cleanup and environmental conservation space.
Allocate 1% of transactions to ocean cleanup efforts, collaborating with reputable programs and initiatives.
Phase 3: Ocean Cleanup and Conservation Initiatives Organize beach cleanup events in different locations, involving token holders and community members.
Collaborate with local authorities and environmental organizations to clean up rivers and streams.
Support existing cleanup programs by donating a portion of the transaction fees to their initiatives.
Explore the establishment of turtle farms or zoos as a revenue-generating opportunity while promoting conservation and education.
Develop educational materials and campaigns to raise awareness about marine pollution and the importance of ocean conservation.
Phase 4: Ecosystem Expansion and Incentives Launch the Myrtle the Turbo Turtle Arcade, offering a collection of games with turtle-themed elements and educational content.
Establish an NFT marketplace within the ecosystem, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade turtle-related digital assets.
Introduce PVP (Player versus Player) and PVE (Player versus Environment) gaming features within the ecosystem.
Continuously add new eco-friendly products and sustainable tourism incentives that users can redeem with their tokens.
Implement regular updates and improvements based on user feedback and market demand.
Phase 5: Scaling and Global Impact Secure major press coverage and blog features to increase visibility and attract a wider audience.
Expand partnerships and collaborations with environmental organizations, governments, and influencers worldwide.
Launch a viral marketing campaign to raise awareness about Myrtle the Turbo Turtle Token and its impact on ocean cleanup.
Develop additional products or services aligned with the ecosystem's mission and revenue generation potential.
Continuously innovate and adapt the ecosystem based on user feedback, market trends, and environmental needs.